Why Did We Develop TwistFly?

To Give Small Business Owners the Same Advantage Large Companies Enjoy at an Affordable Price

Marketable Media, TwistFly’s parent company, was founded in 2009 as an online agency specializing in small business website development and internet marketing for small business. At that time, our founders realized that the benefits of search engine optimization and internet marketing were being realized by many large companies and an affordable solution still didn’t exist for small businesses. They were shocked and dismayed that this new form of marketing was only being utilized by large companies with big budgets. Our founders accepted this problem as a challenge. Their goal was to create a way for small businesses to have a great looking small business website with search engine optimization for small business all for one low price. Since that time we’ve spent countless hours developing Twistfly.com.

TwistFly was developed as a solution for small business working with limited budgets. Our team successfully developed a program that incorporates all of the major components of website development, internet marketing and mobile site integration through a streamlined fulfillment process and advanced tools integration that is cost effective. That’s not to say that humans aren’t involved, quite the contrary, we have a full-time staff of developers, designers and technicians that are eager and available to assist you at anytime.

At Twistfly, we just think that every small business owner should enjoy the benefits of having a good looking small business website with effective search engine optimization for small business and mobile website integration. We firmly believe that your small business website and mobile website for small business can be your best salesperson working 24 hours a day to find potential new customers. Our goal is to help small business owners make that happen.

Why Marketable Media?

Need a reason to hire Marketable Media? We’ll give you ten:

A Focus on Sales: We know it’s not just about your cost-per-click, ad positioning, and click-through-rates; it’s about bringing the right kind of visitors and seeing an increase in sales. We always have the end result in mind and know what to do to turn your visitors into customers.

Cutting Edge Techniques: Many Search Engine Marketing firms manage pay-per-click campaigns based off of hunches and best guesses. Often they use techniques that are out of date, ineffective, and sometimes even detrimental. Marketable Media continually expends many of its own resources on rigorous testing and research to make sure that we continually utilize the most current and effective methods available for each and every client. This insures that you see maximum results.

Synergy and Collaboration: We work closely with your company, making sure that what we’re doing on our end matches up with your goals and that we’re both heading in the same direction. We are in regular communication and are able to adapt our efforts as your business needs change.

Innovation = Success: Having an in-depth background in financial theory, our firm has been able to take an adaptation of modern portfolio theory and apply it to our pay-per-click strategy. Using our proprietary adaptation of this theory, we have been able to get our clients more pay-per-click traffic and more conversions, at a significantly lower cost-per-click.

More Than What You Pay For: Many search engine marketing firms charge sky high fees and in return don’t do a lot work, relying solely on computer software to make decisions on their client’s campaigns. Rest assured that Marketable Media’s rates are far below industry standard. In addition, our balanced mix of software and human review for campaign management has proven to be ultra effective in maximizing our client’s pay-per-click campaigns.

More Than Just Computer Geeks: Our management team is comprised of business minded individuals that have a strong understanding of business and internet marketing, as opposed to many internet marketing firms that have computer geeks at the helm who don’t have the business sense to know how to use their efforts to make your company more money. We are expert business marketers and know how to make your campaign effective and profitable.

Client Adaptation: Having developed several pay-per-click bid strategies, Marketable Media can adapt to any type of client, in any industry. Rest assured that we have a strategy that will help you meet your company’s online goals.

Experience: Marketable Media is not a new company to online advertising. We have several individuals with 10 years plus experience. We often rely on that experience to make changes to client pay-per-click campaigns, changes that software often misses.

Social Media: Because they lack experience, many internet marketing firms have been afraid to try social media pay-per-click and don’t incorporate it into their client’s strategy. Marketable Media has embraced social media and has incorporated it into our client’s marketing campaigns very effectively, and at a significantly reduced cost-per-click.

Proof: We can, and will bring your company more business. We’ve proven it to our other clients, and we can prove it to you. We’ve helped hundreds of other companies become successful online… WHY NOT YOU?

TwistFly Services

Website Development

We are contstantly adding new designs to our portfolio so that you have more choices for your website.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our search marketing techniques bring qualified searchers to your website and connect you with your customers.

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Mobile Development

Are You Mobile..? Your Customers Are

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All Inclusive Pricing

Everything your Small Business needs to establish an online presence and to be found at the top of search engine results.

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Social Media Marketing

Love It Or Have It You Need It

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PPC Management


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Graphic Design


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Success Formula Marketing

Custom Designed Website Monthly Search Engine Optimization Mobile Website with Mobile Optimization.

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