Pay Per Click Management for Small Business

Small Business PPC Management Option:

  1. Strategies for any Business and Geographical Location
  2. Custom Ad Design and Campaign Development
  3. Landing Page Development for Higher Conversion
  4. Tools and Techniques for Improved ROI
  5. Tracking and Reporting for Hassle Free Management

Small Business PPC Strategies

At TwistFly, we pride ourselves on our world-class pay-per-click management program. When we initially take you on as a client, we carefully select one of four unique bid strategies for your upcoming campaign. To help us decide which strategy is right for your website, we take an in depth look at your website, products and services, and industry before we make any decisions. It’s very important that we select the right strategy from the very beginning so that time and money aren’t wasted trying to figure out the most effective way to manage your pay-per-click campaign. .

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Budget Based

TwistFly’s budget based campaigns are setup to give your website absolute maximum exposure for every dollar you spend. The primary objective of this strategy is to obtain the most relevant clicks possible per your ad spend budget. The secondary objective is to increase the budget for the keywords that are converting and decrease the budget for the keywords that are not converting. This strategy works well for those companies that have fewer than two conversions per day or for those companies that cannot track conversions.

Rank Based

TwistFly’s rank based campaigns are setup to give your website the ranking that works most optimally for your website. By adjusting the bid pricing daily on your individual keywords, we are able to target your desired rankings and maximize the performance of your campaign. This strategy works well for those companies that have had proven success at a targeted rank.

Conversion Based

TwistFly’s conversion based campaigns are set to increase conversions, while at the same time, lower your cost-per-conversion. To do this, we compare your most recent campaign data to your historical campaign averages. We increase the budget for keywords that perform well, and decrease the budget for keywords that are underperforming. This type of campaign works similar to an ROI based campaign, without having to set specific conversion goals.

Return on Investment (ROI) Based

TwistFly’s ROI based campaigns are setup to give you a maximum return on your pay-per-click campaign. To do this, we predefine target goals based upon either cost-per-conversion or return on ad spend (ROAS). We then change the campaign daily to work towards meeting those goals. Below is a brief description about how both types of ROI based campaigns work.

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Pay-Per-Click Management for Small Business That Delivers a High Return

A TwistFly pay-per-click specialist is assigned to your account based upon your budget, industry, and goals of the campaign. Shortly after assignment, your pay-per-click specialist will call you to review your goals, campaign details, and any special requests you may have. Your specialist will then research your website, online competitors, and industry to insure that he fully understands what is necessary for you to be successful online. He will then use that information to build a custom keyword list for your campaign and begin developing ads. Based upon the data collected, your specialist will (at their discretion) create custom landing pages for your campaign with your searcher in mind. By focusing on the searcher, we are able to help your website better meet the needs of the searchers we’re attracting through the campaign. If possible, your specialist will setup conversion goals and analytics on your website so that we can track exactly what searchers are doing when they visit your website. If searchers are not going where we want them to go, or not staying as long as we’d like, we can make changes to your website to improve performance and conversions. After deciding on keywords, negative keywords, match types, ads, and your bid strategy, your specialist will go live with your campaign and your website will begin receiving clicks. After going live, we plug your campaign into our custom PPC software that will monitor the success of your campaign at a level of granularity that cannot be done efficiently by human review. The software helps your specialist to make daily changes to the campaign to improve performance and to lower your cost-per-conversion. As your campaign accumulates performance history, your specialist will monitor its success and make the necessary adjustments to improve your campaign. Changes often reflect seasonality, industry trends, and changes in your online competition.

TwistFly Services

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