Mobile Website Development for Small Business

What is a Mobile Optimized Site and Why You Should Have One?

Just because you can see your small business website on a mobile smart phone doesn’t mean it is mobile site optimized and mobile website friendly. Mobile optimized sites are specifically designed for smaller screens like the ones used in smart phones and tablets. Mobile websites take into account the rapidly changing needs of mobile device users. A mobile friendly and mobile optimized website can help your business connect with potential customers and drive more visitor conversions.

Your Customers are Mobile, Are you?

Mobile device searches have increased 400% since 2010. By the end of this year alone, more people will be using mobile smart phones and tablets than personal computers to get online. By 2015 there will be one mobile device for every person on earth.

We Develop Mobile Sites with the Following Mobile User Expectations in Mind:

  1. Quick and Easy
    • We prioritize the content and features that mobile users need the most.

    • We reduce large blocks of text and utilize bullet points for easy reading.

    • We compress images for faster site loading.

  2. Thumb Friendly Navigation
    • We minimize scrolling and keep everything vertical.

    • We use check boxes, lists and scroll menus to make data entry easier.

    • We use click- to-call functionality for all phone numbers.

  3. Local Relevance
    • We put your address and store locator on the home landing page.

    • We include maps and directions to your business.

  4. Seamless Integration with your Main Website
    • We maintain key features of your main website through your mobile site.

    • We display the same products and services information from your main site.

Mobile Website Development for Small Business Integration

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have one more surprising twist to TwistFly.

Mobile website development and mobile site optimization is also included with the TwistFly service. Just like the website development and search engine optimization, we don’t just give you another template with a simple “Mobile Redirect” and basic design capabilities. We will assign one of our in-house Mobile Website Developers to do all the work for you. With TwistFly’s seamless integration your new mobile website will also benefit from the monthly search engine optimization on your main website. So no matter how a potential customer searches for your small business products and services, they will always find you at the top of their search. It will not matter if they use their personal computer or their mobile device to find your small business.

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Users expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience

Mobile users want a mobile site to load even faster than a desktop site. They expect mobile sites to load in three seconds or less. 80% of them will retry only once to connect with your mobile site if it doesn’t load initially on the first try.

A bad mobile experience can cost you customers

Nearly 60% of smart phone users will not recommend a small business without a mobile site or a business with a bad mobile website. Half of these same mobile users will visit a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. A quarter of them will actually swear at their mobile device after a bad experience.

Mobile users want to connect with the businesses in their local area

95% of smart phone users regularly search for local small businesses. Over half of them call a local business after completing their search. The majority of those users will even visit the local business location. Over 90% of those visitors act upon their searches within 24 hours.

Apps are fun and useful, but many prefer mobile sites for shopping

The majority of mobile device users prefer mobile sites over apps for researching products and services. 79% of them prefer mobile sites for product and service reviews on their smart phones. Over half of mobile device users prefer purchasing from mobile websites instead of apps.

Businesses like yours can drive purchases with a mobile-friendly site

Nearly three quarters of mobile users have compared small business products and services on their mobile devices. 65% of them actually take the time to read product and service reviews. Half of all mobile searches and reviews on mobile devices actually lead to a purchase of those products and services.

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